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btreimans sagt:

If there was some deep mud under that water with some ruts that rover wouldn’t be going anywhere.

gorgemuld sagt:

Its a paved road with water on it..

CesarConH sagt:

FYI these are range rovers official testing grounds.

Игнатий Струнов sagt:

It’s no offroad )))

MrMdbling sagt:

it looks like a larger version of the evogue

Daniel Rozanski sagt:

You call that off road?

azeez1588 sagt:

يا رجال يارس تطلع مويه و الارض صخر

aahs522 sagt:

اسويها لو بغيتو بددسن

Rml922 sagt:

off r oad???? hahahahahha fuck road ))))))))))

Владимир Я sagt:

Ровная,крепкая поверхность залита водой,я на пятнашке своей здесь проеду без проблем

ItsZackk sagt:

Seriously though who the fuck fords a river on a daily basis? The most our range rover has seen is dirt roads up to a lake house every couple of months.

3shotudie sagt:

this aint a car, its a fucking submarine

samplatoon2171 sagt:


chunkyfecalbreakfast sagt:

I wonder how many of the new breed of independent suspension, take the kids to school, chelsea tractors will ever see real „off road“. I mean, most of the solid axle cars are used for offroading at some point in their lives – if not to begin with on the farm or small holding then when they get cheap enough they’re taken on green lanes and pay and plays with a lift and big tyres but how do you lift this suspension, how do you put bigger tyres on these cars? They are not the same anymore!

TheSt777n sagt:

That’s called river.

Dwealdric sagt:

Jesus.. which Starbucks was this guy going to?

marjomjom sagt:

Any SUV can do this….sand, mountain…next

shurikdoom sagt:

Да тут даже Калина проедет.

대휘 강 sagt:

ship? kkkkkk

irek634 sagt:

Да там любой паркетник пройдет нашли чем удевлять

marinatedya sagt:

И где тут бездорожье?

golyakov2002 sagt:

Да вы что это же не off road !!!! Это просто вода !!!

Vince Fanton sagt:

Can they rock craw or even climb all I see is puddle driving

ogkush47 sagt:


terence wolter sagt:

who buy’s this car to go offroading

cheinpatakh sagt:

Does offroading means driving ur car in the muddy water only? Just curious!

offroadingfoz sagt:

Just showing signs of wading depth. People need to think about things. Generic terms are most searched and used to find videos like this so offroad made sense. Oh… And it wasn’t on a sealed road.

James Hitt sagt:

It’s funny when you see these high dollar things setting on their belly stuck in the sand at the beach. Then getting pulled out by some old ragged pickup truck.

dacep09 sagt:

Should of bought the ford its 75k cheaper lmao. Does same thing and looks the same also. Hum land Rover like the gas company putting high prices on shit that aint worth it.

hawkes123456 sagt:

Beat that $100,000.00 rig.. Real good for it

quadzilla26b sagt:

wow! you drove through water? what the fuck does that prove?

daktari69family sagt:

Moi qui suis un fan de la marque, très décevant de voir un RRS passer dans une flaque d’eau plutot qu’un VRAI test Off Road !!!

Сергей Иванов sagt:

че за дураков то держите, херли по гравию под водой не ехать, я и на своей калине так ездил уже

ضيف الله العامري sagt:


edge160 sagt:

Only if they had these in Jurassic Park…

TheEasyontheeyes sagt:

Eery time i look at this car i wonder how someone could fvck up so bad..it is quite sad really…from what use to be such a soung after car to something that looks like a ford explorer

Ap0caLyPSe972 sagt:


CTParker13 sagt:

take it to a mud pit in texas

WolverineNerd sagt:

Nothing impressive. I’ve seen a 1988 Chevy Suburban drive in door handle deep of water and it was in good driving shape.

David José Sánchez Oviedo sagt:

muy muy photoshopeado!! muy falso realmente.. aparte aparenta ser un terreno armado.. en la vida real, si queres crusar un rio de con ese calibre estoy seguro que no pasaría con tanta fluidez como lo hace en este video que aparte esta recortado por todas partes, osea, lo que ellos quieren que veamos. gracias.

ShinNSparda sagt:

FU :))

Andrew Hoffman sagt:

That was just a flat, probably graded road. A muddy field or rough pot holed road where you could see the suspension working. Sand on a hot day, snow on a cold one etc.

Matheus Carvalho sagt:

No, it’s not.

Arnold Schwarznegger sagt:

It’s not offroad guys! Test it in high snow somewhere in Russian north, dirt with water in Africa and rocks in the mountains

Vlad S. sagt:

их надо на наши танковые полигоны загонять.. ))

seun oni sagt:

Impressive off road capabilities. but for future tests, come over to some funny roads in my country Nigeria and experience offroad in 3D.

TheGamingGuru001 sagt:

Nope, its the new range sport 2014! Looks a lot like the evoque.

TheGamingGuru001 sagt:

100% Agree! 

sweet dreams sagt:

srsly do you call going in some water that kind of capslock offroad?? I know this car is the best out there for offroad while having the best comfort for the passengers but going into water is not that rough, go try this with the same speed in rocks and show people what this car is really capable or not capable of

Miha Viukov sagt:

ну для паркетника наверное это OFFROAD :)

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