MuddFreak, Redneck Nation, and BottleNeck team up to bring you one of the hardest hitting MuddFreak Videos EVER 4X4 Trucks GIRLS Mud Bogging and rocking the …

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stephen sheppard sagt:

Tits N Tires! hell yea

MuddFreakcom . sagt:

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Adam Vickers sagt:

Thank God for the mute button.

Kaitlyn Hemphill sagt:

I see how it is. Puns truck isnt cool enough for muddfreak videos….

Billy Klaiber sagt:

Watch what you say I’m from California and yes we don’t have any sweet mud
pits where I’m from but we do it right with what we got!

nessynesbitt3 sagt:

Haters below

Gassy WhiteGuy sagt:

That song is freaking annoying

Nook Bee sagt:

You rednecks are trying to sound like alot of black rappers no more like
eminem wtf

chris scott sagt:

hell ya

chris Tevlin sagt:

who sings this song in the video and whats the name of it thanks

jesse zayak sagt:

those girls were hot

OfficialBottleneck sagt:

Yess Sir! Mudd freak is throwin down in the Redneck Nation! Thanks for the
support guys!

rednecknationco sagt:

Ha Ha yuppies and city boys hating life after watching this one! Redneck
Nation strong for sure! Thanks for the love and support!

MuddFreakcom . sagt:

We just getting started!! Y’all hang on and stay tuned! The MuddFreak Video
Team is on the road and headed to a Mud Bog near YOU!!

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